turn [tʉrn]
[ME turnen < OE turnian & OFr turner, tourner, both < L tornare, to turn in a lathe, turn < tornus, lathe < Gr tornos, lathe, carpenter's compasses, akin to terein, to bore through: for IE base see THROW]
I to cause to revolve or rotate
1. to make (a wheel, globe, etc.) move about a central point or axis; revolve or rotate
2. to give circular motion to; move around or partly around [to turn a key]
3. to do by a revolving motion [to turn a somersault]
4. Baseball to execute (a double play)
II to form by revolving, rotating, etc.
1. to give circular shape to by rotating against a tool, as in a lathe
2. to give rounded shape or form to in any way
3. to give a well-rounded or graceful form to [to turn a pretty phrase]
III to change in position
1. to change the position of, as by a rotating motion [to turn a chair around]
2. to revolve in the mind: ponder often with over
a) to bend, fold, twist, etc. [turn the sheet back]
b) to twist or wrench (one's ankle)
3. to bend back (a cutting edge); blunt
4. to reverse the position or sides of; invert; specif.,
a) to move so that the undersurface is on top and vice versa [to turn a phonograph record]
b) to spade, plow, etc. so that the undersoil comes to the surface
c) to reverse (a collar, coat, etc.) so that the inner surface becomes the outer
5. to cause to become upside down, topsy-turvy, etc.
6. to upset or unsettle (the stomach)
IV to change the movement or course of
1. to bend the course of; deflect; divert [to turn a blow]
2. to cause to change intentions, actions, etc. [to turn someone from his purpose ]; specif.,
a) to convert or persuade
b) to change in feelings, attitudes, etc. [to turn people against someone]
3. to go around (a corner, an army's flank, etc.)
4. to reach or pass (a certain age, amount, etc.)
5. to reverse the course of; specif.,
a) to stop or repel [to turn an attack]
b) to cause to recoil, rebound, etc. [criticism turned against the critic]
6. to drive, set, let go, etc. in some way [to turn someone adrift]
a) to keep (money, goods, etc.) circulating or moving
b) to earn (a profit), as in a commercial transaction
V to change the direction, trend, etc. of
1. to change the direction of (one's eyes, face, etc.)
2. to direct, point, aim, etc. [to turn a gun on someone]
3. to change the trend, focus, etc. of [to turn one's thoughts to practical matters]
4. to put to (a specified) use or result; employ; apply [to turn knowledge to good account, to turn one's hand to writing]
VI to change the nature or condition of
1. to change; convert; transmute [to turn cream into butter, a writer turned actor]
2. to exchange for [to turn produce into hard cash]
3. to subject [to turn another's remarks to ridicule]
4. to translate or paraphrase
5. to derange, dement, distract, or infatuate
6. to make sour
7. to affect in some way [turned sick by the sight]
8. to change the color of
I to revolve, rotate, etc.
1. to move in a circle or around an axis; rotate or revolve; pivot
2. to move in a circular manner; move around or partly around [the key won't turn]
a) to seem to be whirling or moving, as to one who is dizzy
b) to reel or be giddy: said of the head
II to form something by revolving
1. to run a lathe
2. to be shaped on a lathe
III to change position
a) to move in a rotary manner so as to change position
b) to shift or twist the body as if on an axis
2. to become curved or bent
3. to reverse position so that bottom becomes top; become reversed or inverted
4. to become upset or unsettled: said of the stomach
IV to change course or movement
1. to change one's or its course so as to be moving, going, etc. in a different direction; deviate
2. to reverse one's or its course; start to move, go, etc. in the opposite direction [the tide has turned]
3. to consult; refer (to)
4. to go or apply (to) for help
V to change in direction, trend, etc.
1. to change one's or its direction; face about; shift
2. to direct or shift one's attention, abilities, thoughts, etc. [to turn from one's work to a hobby]
3. to make a sudden attack (on or upon) [the dog turned on him]
4. to reverse one's feelings, attitude, allegiance, etc. [to turn against former friends]
5. to be contingent or depend (on or upon)
6. Obs. to vacillate
VI to become changed in nature or condition
1. to enter into a specified condition; become [to turn bitter with age]
2. to change into another form, type, or sort [the rain turned to sleet]
3. to become rancid, putrid, sour, etc.
4. to change color [leaves turning in the fall]
I rotation, circular motion, etc.
1. the act of turning around; complete or partial rotation, as of a wheel; revolution
a) a winding of one thing around another
b) a single twist, coil, winding, etc.; convolution
c) the condition of being twisted, bent, etc. in a circular form
d) the direction of this
2. a musical ornament consisting usually of four tones, the second and fourth of which are the same, or principal, tone, the first, normally, being a degree above, and the third a degree below
II change of movement, direction, etc.
1. a change of position or posture, as by rotating motion
2. a change or reversal of course or direction [the turn of the tide]
a) a walk taken about a building, area, etc., as for inspection; tour
b) a short walk or ride, returning to the starting place, as for exercise
3. the place where a change in direction occurs; bend; curve
4. Golf the midway point of a round, usually after the ninth hole
III change of nature, condition, etc.
a) a change in trend, circumstances, events, policy, health, etc. [a turn for the better]
2. the time of a chronological change [at the turn of the century]
3. a sudden, brief shock or fright; start
IV an occasional or repeated action, performance, etc.
1. an action that harms or, more usually, benefits another [to do someone a good turn]
2. a bout; spell; try [a turn at gardening]
3. an attack of illness, dizziness, rage, etc.; fit
4. the right, duty, or opportunity to do something, esp. as coming to each of a number of people in regular order [one's turn at bat]
5. Brit. a shift of work
a) a short performance given as part of a variety show; act
b) its performer or performers
6. Finance a transaction on the stock exchange involving both purchase and sale of particular securities
V trend, form, style, character, etc.
1. a distinctive form, manner, cast, detail, etc. [a quaint turn to her speech]
2. natural inclination or aptitude; flair [an inquisitive turn of mind]
3. a tendency; drift; trend [the discussion took a new turn]
4. a variation or interpretation of the original [to give an old story a new turn]
at every turn
in every instance; constantly
by turns
one after another; alternately; in succession
☆ call the turn
[term in faro, for guessing which card will be turned up] to predict successfully
in turn
in proper sequence or succession
out of turn
1. not in proper sequence or order
2. at the wrong time; esp., unwisely or imprudently [to talk out of turn]
take turns
to speak, do, etc. one after another in regular order
to a turn
to just the right degree; perfectly
turn and turn about
one after another in regular order; by turns: also turn about
turn around Slang
1. to change or alter the attitude, behavior, condition, etc. of, as to improve or impress
2. to complete (a project, process, etc.)
turn down
a) to reject (a request, advice, etc.)
b) to reject the request, advice, etc. of (someone)
2. to lessen the intensity or volume of (light or sound) by manipulating controls
turn in
1. to make a turn into; enter
2. to point (the toes) inward
3. to deliver; hand in
4. to inform on or hand over, as to the police
5. to give back; return
6. to fold over; double
7. Informal to go to bed
turn off
1. to leave (a road, path, etc.) and enter another branching off
2. to branch off: said of a road, path, etc.
a) to stop a flow of (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
b) to close (a faucet, valve, etc.) so as to stop a flow
c) to make (an electrical device) stop functioning by operating the controls
4. to stop displaying or showing, suddenly or automatically [to turn off a smile]
5. to deflect; divert
6. Slang to cause (someone) to become bored, depressed, uninterested, etc.
7. Brit. to discharge (an employee)
turn on
a) to start a flow of (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
b) to open (a faucet, valve, etc.) so as to start a flow
c) to make (an electrical device) start functioning by operating the controls
2. to show or display suddenly or automatically [to turn on the charm ]
3. Slang
a) to initiate in the use of a psychedelic drug
b) to stimulate or be stimulated with or as with a psychedelic drug; make or become elated, euphoric, etc.
c) to stimulate sexually
d) to make interested, enthusiastic, etc.
turn out
1. to put out (a light)
2. to put outside
3. to drive out; dismiss or discharge
4. to turn inside out
5. to come or go out, as to assemble somewhere
6. to produce as the result of work
7. to result; eventuate
8. to prove to be; be discovered to be
9. to come to be; become
10. to equip, dress, etc.
11. Informal to get out of bed
turn over
1. to change the position of, as by rolling
2. to reverse the position of; turn upside down; invert
3. to shift one's position, as from one side to the other; roll over
4. to begin, or make begin, to operate, as an engine or motor
5. to think about carefully; ponder
6. to hand over; transfer
7. to relinquish; delegate
8. to put to a different use; convert
9. to sell and replenish (a stock of goods)
10. to buy and sell, or do business, to the amount of
11. Basketball Football to lose possession of (the ball) due to a mistake or error
turn the scales
to determine or decide something uncertain [the arrival of fresh troops turned the scales]
turn to
to get to work; get busy
turn up
1. to fold or bend back or over upon itself
2. to shorten (a dress, a sleeve, etc.) by folding back the bottom edge and making a new hem
3. to lift up or turn face upward, as to see the other side
4. to bring to light, as by digging
5. to increase the flow, speed, intensity, loudness, etc. of, as by turning a control
a) to make a turn onto and ascend (a street on a hill, etc.)
b) to make a turn into any street or road
7. to have an upward direction
8. to come about; happen
9. to make an appearance; arrive
10. to be found

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